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Well Wishes To Our Bonny Queen

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I just learned that Queen Bonny had spent some time in the hospital.  I hear she is out now and resting.  My family's prayers go out for Queen Bonny, that she has a speedy recovery.

All the best Queen Bonny

Sending happy sparkly thoughts my Queen!!!

Merlin the Elder:
She's back to her old tricks of harassing me on the Book of Faces, so I think she is doing better.  I'll throw a couple extra toads into the cauldron, my Queen, for my healing spell. I have the right ones this time. The last healing spell I cast, the recipient ended up with a terrible case of flatulence.

 :-* Love you, my Queen!

My Queen, I hope you are getting much better.  We shall sacrifice a virgin for you if it would help (and we can find one)

I hope we are blessed with your presence on opening day at TRF

Rani Zemirah:
Oh, my!  I bet it was those dreadful Peeps again!  Where are those palace guards when you need them? 

Recover swiftly, your Majesty!  My prayers and healing energy are yours! 


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