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I can't believe the Bristol season is over.. seems like it just opened!


Really!  Seems like it was just opening day, I remember walking through those gates in July and "AHH!  Made it at last!"

Was so much looking forward to this past season, for months I had a count-down going, even had a few dreams where we were there, thinking the same thing.  Even had one where I thought "Well, I know I had dreams about being here, but this, this is real", only to wake up saying "aww @#!$"
Not a blink of an eye later, BAM!  Its all over?

I was there for closing weekend just over two weeks ago, and yesterday I was walking the dog and saw a few leaves starting to turn! 
Man oh man.

One of my Bristol buddies started the countdown to next opening day about an hour after the gates had closed on Labor Day ;)
Your comment reminds me of the time I was a kid, and Gone With the Wind was being re-released in theaters. This was  a book I had practically memorized, and I was so excited to go to the show. I remember literally thinking, "I'm seeing it! I'm seeing it!" and then four hours later, realized I remembered nothing, because I'd been too excited ;)
I hope you had a great time and it was all worth it! We really do need to do something like wear carnations or something so we can recognize people when we go, don't you think?
Just a couple of hundred more days to go... ;)

Lady Renee Buchanan:
Steve and I wear our RF pins every  time we go.  I thought we would have met more RFers this year, bu we didn't.

Anybody going to Rogues and Ruffians in New Glarus, WI in Oct?  Maybe we can meet then.


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