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Keeping Wings Upright

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I'm making a new set of wings, and I want to make sure that I don't have to adjust my wings every five seconds to keep them from falling sideways. My old wings had to be tied around the waist to keep them from slipping, and eventually I had to duct tape the two my back. Duck tape I don't mind, it's just that it looked a little wonky. I can't stick them down my back, as I'm wearing a high backed front lacing bodice, which I don't want to alter. How do I keep my wings right side up?

When I first started playing with wings I ended up attaching little strips of ribbon to the back of my bodice to tie around the middle strap of the wings. It worked fairly well and wasn't obtrusive, but will depend on how your wings are built.

I have my wings built with a center support bar. I don't quite understand what you mean. Are you talking about sewing/safety pining ribbon to the back of my bodice, and then tying to the support bar? Thank you!

Yes, i sewed ribbons onto the bodice where each side of the center bar would sit then tied the wings on. Tack the ribbon down at the top and bottom of where the wings will sit. It will give better support than just the middle of the ribbon. )|----|(

That's genius!


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