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Georgia Faire looking for Royal Court & Villager cast


Friend linked this to me on Facebook today.  Sadly it's a little too far for the lady and I to travel.  Figured I'd share it here. 

--- Quote ---Do you love the Georgia Renaissance Festival? Attend more than once a season? Have a great costume? Want to get in free?

We are currently looking for volunteer Royal Court members and other villagers to populate the village of Newcastle at the Georgia Renaissance Festival. No acting experience needed!

If you have a great costume and would like to be a part of our cast, please submit your name, phone number, email address, and two (or more) photos of yourself in your garb. We are looking for outstanding costuming with attention to detail! Positions are limited to persons age 16 and up, please.

As a volunteer member of our cast, you would receive free admission each day you participate, training from our professional cast, and the chance to play all season with us! Your days would include traveling with the Royal Court, attending the Joust, and free time to play and explore on your own.

Please email our Artistic Director with your photos and for more information.
--- End quote ---

They said deadline for applications is around January 1, 2015.

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