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Lady Christina de Pond:
this is a story board of things my nephews do that I find funny and humorous

 Friday afternoon
I had went to a store and purchase yarn
I had a skein of cotton a few wool  a wool alpaca mix and an acrylic   
I let both my nephews feel each of them letting them feel the difference in each
when I told them that the wool came from sheep my oldest nephew threw the skein in his hands back at me an said "ewwww it's dead!"
I then had to explain that the sheep wasn't dead it just had a hair cut.

Lady Christina de Pond:
this one makes me laugh and cry

last night my oldest nephew who will be 5 in Oct was trying to talk me into playing Mario brothers on the wii
I only like Mario kart on wii
well my mom had said that I didn't like to play because I always lost
which in his mind means I died a lot so he walks over to me and says "just try not to die"
I laughed and laughed at him
then I grumbled that he would push my guy off
he comes back to me and says" I love you! I will always protect you"
I hugged him and told him that was my line

i know that when he grows up he's going to be a wonderful husband to some girl out there and she better be just as wonderful to him as well.

Lady Christina de Pond:
So I was playing Mario Kart with the oldest nephew Friday and we were playing coin runner part and my team won  somehow i'm not that good at coin runners but he turns to me and says "you could have died a few times" I looked at him and asked what about " you love me and want to protect me always" he say
"I do but you could have died a few times" the next round I drove off the side a few times

I was playing with them Saturday morning and they were playing with this old fort Randall toy and I was building it and for some reason the youngest nephew(he's almost 2) decided that he should fit inside the fort so he takes it and wraps it around him sitting indian style.

my youngest nephew also has a fascination with our dogs. Thankfully we have sweet sweet dogs he walks up to my parents boxer who is just his height and he will face her eye to eye nose to nose and put his hands on both sides of her face and they stay that way until she sticks her tongue out and licks him just so lightly then he's content and walks off. I don't know why he does this but her response to this is absolutely precious

Lady Christina de Pond:
I usually pick my oldest nephew up on the way to church on Wednesday nights so that he doesn't have to spend hours at church which can be very boring for him. last night however last night was one of the rare nights my sister in law ask me to take him back to his me-maws house after church so I did but on the way to my truck he says "I want to go home with you" ofcourse I had to work today so that didn't get to happen
driving past our little airport he saw the lights flashing and he looks at me and says "I wish I could do that"
I asked "what fly a plane?" he answered "NO I wish I could flash like the lights
lol the things that go thru the minds of nearly 5yr old

Lady Christina de Pond:
so my nephew brought a wii game with him last time he came over. it's an older game and my brother doesn't play it anymore. So he talked me into playing with him. So it was a hunting game that if you didn't kill the animal it would attack you. So I manage to shoot the moose on the first shot then survived a bear attack
well I advanced I killed a lion or two then I stand there my nephew informs me that I need to walk so I do i'm wondering around for a while looking for a elephant or lion or something next thing I know is that I've been attacked I scream like a girl that I am while trying to find the animal and defend myself I find it's hyena's I don't survive them. Next thing I know my oldest nephew is on the couch behind my right side I ask "what are you doing?" he says" I'm hiding i'm scared. I laugh then ask why am I playing this game if you are scared. I played one more round before I convinced him to play Mario kart


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