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out of the mouth of babes

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Lady Christina de Pond:
Christmas eve my nephews help put up a tree for all the cousin's gifts that are handed out on Christmas eve. while working decorations my nephews put some spiders on the tree(the spiders are Christmas spiders out of large fake pearl beads) well my youngest nephew put one on the tree then says "it bit me"

later I gave them punch balloons well the youngest one managed to pop his he picks up the broken pieces and says "boom" so I blew up the spare. then my mother manages to pop that one so I got out normal balloons, before I could blow it up for him he looks at me and says "blowww"
then I couldn't blow because I was laughing at him.
he then looked at me and says "twee on" ofcourse when I turned the tree on he got so excited about it that my mother asked him if he was pitching a fit. I told her no he's just excited about the tree being on

later that evening everyone laughed at my cousin's daughter who is 6. my cousin's sweet wife was trying to get her to tell everyone some exciting news. she turns and looks at her mom and says "why it's your baby you should tell them" everyone within earshot laughed. the exciting news is next Christmas we will have a new baby to pass around and enjoy.

later that night when they opened presents the youngest nephew was so excited to see elmo then later he pushes elmo over in the floor and says" ELMO DEAD"
while he was opening elmo my older nephew was opening rockem sockem robots which when he realized what it was he starts going "yes yes yess yes yess" then after he gets all the paper off he holds the box up like it's the greatest thing ever
ofcourse then I had to assemble it and I did after some heckling from my older cousins

Lady Christina de Pond:
yesterday my nephew decided when he got to be a teen like his big sister he was going to get a dog. he was describing the dog as if it was alive now and just waiting for him to come get it(his sister is 17) but the dog would be small enough to fit in the palm of his hand when he got it(his 5 year old hand) and would get no bigger than my S80 who weights around 24lbs. it has no claws so it won't scratch him it would be able to play with his younger brother. and it would get a little wild sometimes. I can't wait to see this dog it should be quiet amazing

Lady Christina de Pond:
haven't got to spend much time with the nephews lately but here are a few things said recently

the youngest : ninjwa turtles  bruther bad

the oldest actually told me that sunshine and rain makes rainbows. I think it's awesome that he know this

Lady Christina de Pond:
 sitting in the floor with them the other night playing with a fort toy which they love the youngest one looks at me and says " you ok?"
they didn't quiet get why I said "my guy only has a sword he can't fight. he brought a sword to a gun fight"
they also didn't get you killed George Washington we are now british and must speak proper English now
but they like when I build things with them. and popping bubbles with bubble sword wands
I am also the fixer of things too. If it breaks they bring it to me to fix

as I stated in a previous post my nephews love our dogs. Last night both nephews had to help feed the dogs when one got finished the youngest would take they bowl away and say" done" then the boys started running down the hall and wanting the boxer to follow. Like a good girl she did she walked down the hall after them then when she got there and found them in the laundry room they would run back up the hall and she would trot after them. The puggle sat on the back of the couch and watched

Lady Christina de Pond:
the oldest nephew is a sweet little boy he always hugs his little brother by when he leaves
the youngest doesn't call him his name he calls him bruder
last night the oldest told me that in 10 days he would be 6(he's got several more months before  and that is the same age as Zie his youngest big sister and then he can drive and won't need anyone to drive him anywhere. I told him I wanted to see this
apparently he's 5 going on 6 going on 16


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