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out of the mouth of babes

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Lady Christina de Pond:
he's still on the kick of 5 going on 16 but now it's on his birthday he's going to be 16 but poor baby he didn't quiet do his math right he said he would be 16 and brother would be 4 he's close on his birthday he will actually be 6 and brother 3

Lady Christina de Pond:
this one came from my brother
the other day my brother and sister in law got missing my youngest nephew. well my brother looked and found him he was outside walking around naked. when my brother asked him why he was outside naked he says "cause I can"

Lady Christina de Pond:
The youngest nephew found the pirate hooks that came with their swords he starts singing captain hook captain hook.
Then goes up to  his brother and says here I found our hookers.
 :o :o :o

Lady Christina de Pond:
As the nephews were preparing for bed they got on the topic of underwear. The youngest said superman doesn't wear underwear. I asked him how did he know this but he just shrugged he also said batman does wear underwear.
The things that go thru their minds. ;D


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