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Lady Christina de Pond:
so picking up the oldest nephew on the way to church we always drive past a airport and he looks to see if he can see any planes usually there is a plane or two sitting out there small scale stuff. it's just a small town airport. well my nephew informs me last night that his me-maw lives at the airport. I asked him if she knew this he says "ofcourse"

Lady Christina de Pond:
alright so this one is a few months back but still funny anyway
my sister in law was taking the boys to the zoo with the homeschool group that they are a part of.
Well my mother and I went along as well. I love the zoo anyway and I wanted to spend time with the nephews.
so we go into a shop after one of the exhibits and  my oldest nephew goes with me.  his younger brother (who was asleep) stayed outside with his mom. We look around and all the stuff they have. well my Nephew picks up a toy and say "I need this"
the sales clerk laughed and says "I've never heard it put that way"

this little gem came from one of my friends children
as I sat down last night with my supper and drink my friends daughter looks at me and ask
"are you drinking coffee?"
I told her that I wasn't that I was drinking Tea I preferred it over coffee
well her brother looks at me and says
" well at our house mom drinks Rocket Fuel"
this caused my friend to bust out laughing
then my friend explained that rocket fuel is coffee which she doesn't give them because they would be walking on the ceiling 

Lady Christina de Pond:
both of my nephews have had birthdays so one is now 5 and the other is 2

my oldest nephew was at my house on the day of his birthday and when he went to bed I told him"5 yrs ago today I went to the hospital and held a very special little boy" he says "what boy" I had to chuckle he didn't realize I ment him when I told him that and that I whispered in his ear that his name means laughter that he would be filled with laughter. he informed me that I did not. I informed him that I did and he has lived up to it. he again says that he is not filled with laughter. he laughs often and brings me lots of laughter

this is what i'm calling the none story

so me and the oldest boy get to church and I order dinner and I sit down well he sits with me. well as i'm eating my dinner he starts teasing and talking about having nothing is none well then he teases me and says "your none" I then informed him that I wasn't a nun I wasn't catholic(and I thought I sure didn't take no vow of chasity I do eventually plan to one day marry and enjoy all that comes with it) well he goes on and does his fist from his eye and says "no none" I ask" why can't the none come from here in the middle of table or from the side or anywhere else" he says "no none like this" and he take his fist from his eye outward. I asked "why does it have to come from the eye" he says "it just does"
where he got this or why the thinks none comes from the eye I don't know but he cracks me up

Lady Christina de Pond:
I purchased a pack of balloons last week for use of making ornaments with yarn an twine and such well the nephews saw them and wanted balloons so I got them two out and proceeded to blow one up for some reason the youngest nephew got a big kick out this but he laughed at the balloon getting bigger. they were so excited that they could hardly wait for me to tie them off. well apparently I blew the youngest nephew's balloon up too much because after a few minutes it popped at first he was shocked then he found it hilarious that his balloon went boom

Lady Christina de Pond:
being thanksgiving I got to spend several hours with my nephews thanksgiving day. I laughed quiet a bit here some of the funny stuff

my oldest nephew looked at his Great grandmother and told her he was getting her a remote controlled dinosaur for Christmas and that it was on the list.

his little brother started a new trend of wearing foam letter mats for collars and then trying to play Frisbee with his great grandmother


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