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Lady Heidi of Cordova:

   My name is Heidi, and this will be my 3rd year at CRF. I live really close and I really enjoy it ;D. I am planning to go in "garb" 8) (and in character) for the first time this year.

I am making garb for myself and my husband, and will be posting more in the sewing forum soon.

I would love to get to know some others who will be there.

Would anyone like to make acquaintance with a newbie playtron? :)

Lady Heidi, it will be my first visit to your shire, but I have been in garb for many years. I'd be delighted to meet you. We will be there in October - the weekend of the 18th & 19th, and I'll be in my gold gown - the sleeves and forepart (underskirt) are interchangeable, so no guesses on what colour I will be in, but look for the tall noble couple, and come by and say hi! We will wear our RF pins, and a small wooden maple leaf (Canadians!)

Orphena  "OR-Fee-Na"

When will you be there, Heidi? It's our third year in the shire as well, and we'll be up the weekend of October 11th. It'll be three of us: a young couple (that's me and my fiance) in garb, and then my grandma in mundanes. I'm ginger and wear mostly crimson/maroon and my fiance will probably wear a red cape. If you see us, let us know! :D

Lady Heidi of Cordova:
Thank you for your responses.  ;D I will definitely look for you all those weekends if I am there. If all goes as planned, I will be wearing my upper class gown. It is hunter green ( silk look) with gold forepart and mauve sleeves. I am about 5'8 with brownish red hair depending on the light.

 Will update if I finish my middle class or peasant garb.

I live only 14 miles/22.5 kilometers away- so still debating how often I want to go/season tickets possibly.

I look forward to meeting up with others who would love to "play 16th century" with me/us.

Anyone else? This section of the forum seems so bare.


--- Quote from: Lady Heidi of Cordova on September 29, 2014, 11:37:16 AM ---
I live only 14 miles/22.5 kilometers away- so still debating how often I want to go/season tickets possibly.

--- End quote ---

If you can afford it, get season passes! I'm down in Charleston, so it's a 3 hour ride for me, or I'd be there a lot more often. The fact that I'm getting married this year one of the faire weekends really cuts down on opportunities too. :P


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