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For Lonnie Mitchell...


Merlin the Elder:
Please keep the family and friends of Lonnie Mitchell in your thoughts and/or prayers this day.   From information I gathered this morning on Facebook, Lonnie was on his motorcycle on the highway when he blew a tire. He succumbed to his injuries during the night.

Lonnie was a most familiar face at Scarby, and he will be missed by many.  He was a member of R/F, but I cannot seem to find him in the member's list anymore...

I saw your Facebook post.  Sorry to hear of his passing.  After seeing his photo in the responses to your Facebook comment, I don't believe I ever made his acquaintence.  Prayers sent for him and his survivors.

This is a link to his company web site -

Peace, to family and friends~

Merlin the Elder:
One of his clients, David, is about 3 miles from my house.  I told Lonnie a while back that he had a place to stay the next time he serviced their alley.


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