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Great new sporran !

Started by Zardoz, December 14, 2011, 07:26:57 PM

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I recently recieved a new sporran, custom made by Turpin Ballard at Thorfinn Custom Sporrans. It's a Rob Roy style in Skunk fur and black leather
I was on my way out the door to go to a Chistmas party when I checked the mail, and there it was!  I strapped it right on!


Quick photo after the party...

One of the cool things about the Thorfinn sporrans is the "snap flap" feature; you can get optional flaps to customize one sporran to go with as many kilts and looks as you like.

The fur flap.

the leather flap.

Interior view of the phone and pen pocket. Can't see it, but there's also a clip in there for keys. It's very roomy, almost big enough to wear as a hat! , beautifully made, and looks really great!

I've wanted a skunk sporran for a while, and I am very happy with Turpin's work and customer service! We exchanged a couple of emails, set up the payment, and about 3 1/2 weeks later there it was! 

Check out the Thorfinn website for more examples of Turpin's work;

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Very nice...honestly at first glance I thought that it was honey badger instead of skunk.
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If I got any other Mustelidae fur, it would have to be Honey Badger, 'cause the Honey Badger don't give a ... well you know!
"Pants are for guys with ugly legs"
Member of Clan McLotofus,
IBRSC# 1619,
As seen in Renaissance Magazine


Wow, Z, that's stunning! I really like the plain leather flap myself. That makes it look sharp!


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I was so happy with my Skunk sporran from Turpin at Thorfinn Custom Sporrans that I started discussing another one with him shortly after getting it! I wanted something a little 'plainer' for daywear and faire etc..

So, it showed up today, TCS #226, a medium size Rob Roy in black leather with a dark green flap;

Same roomy inside, internal pockets and great quality as my skunk one;

This one was sort of a team effort, Turpin didn't have a dark green hide like I was thinking about on hand, but I found one that suited me locally and sent it to him. I think the green detail will look nice with some of my green based tartans and faire outfits, and I'll have the plain black flap from the skunk sporran avalible to do an all black bag if I want.
"Pants are for guys with ugly legs"
Member of Clan McLotofus,
IBRSC# 1619,
As seen in Renaissance Magazine


Wow Amigo! Both sporrans are outstanding. I like the way the "day" sporran has the pull strings. Will definitely give theese folks a chance when I purchase my next one.


My brother have his Celtic cantle leather semi dress sporran. He keep his essential things in it. I post his sporran links where he bought it.