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Heavener, OK Viking/Celtic Festival This Weekend


Heavener, OK is about an hour southeast of Muskogee.  It is located in the Heavener Runestone State Park.  There are actual Viking runestones collected from around Oklahoma on display.  Come join the merriment this weekend!


Here are some pix I took at the festival last year:


Rowan MacD:
  Sounds Awesome!
 I didn't know the park was there :)  It's a 7+hour drive, so it's a no-go on short notice.   Take pics at this year's  fest.

Will do.  They'll be on my website in about a week.

They have this festival every April and October if you want to plan for it next year.

I had a fantastic time at Heavener!  I can't wait to go back on the second weekend of April.  Here is a link to my pics:  www.meistersrealm.com/Meisters_Realm/Photos/Pages/Heavener_Viking_Festival.html


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