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best festivals for camping?

Started by oktober, February 08, 2015, 04:35:21 PM

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I am new to camping and love it, and after seeing this forum, thought camping at a renaissance festival would be awesome.  What are the best festivals for camping?  I googled renaissance festival camping, and almost every thing that came up was about the Texas Renaissance Festival.  Is this primarily where camping is?  Or do people just find a campground close to the festival they're attending and go camp?  Are there particular faires that have a group of campers that camp nearby every year?


We at TRF are very outspoken  but i believe several faires have camping.  You will just need to check with those you are interested in attending.  Here in Texas,  TRF and sherwood have on site camping but scarborough does not, but it does have a campground somewhat close by that some camp at.  Faire camping can be a very fun and sometimes eye opening experience!!!   ;)
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It really does depend on where you are. I know the standard practice around N California, at least for most of the faires I've been involved with, is that camping is available on site for cast/crew/volunteers/vedors. But, the system for getting involved as such is much different than the long run hard site faires elsewhere. I would say out here, Valhalla is an easy best though, right across the road from Lake Tahoe.. And I do mean the actual lake.
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