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2015 Des Moines Renaissance Festival


Rowan MacD:
First 3 weekends in Sept: 5,6,7-12,13th and 19,20th.

Sleepy Hollow Sports park,  Des Moines, Ia

ticket prices TBA, but don't expect them to change from 2014.
 Season passes available.


Rowan MacD:
   Opening weekend in less than one week!
   Right now the plan is to attend Sunday, since my grandson's birthday is on Saturday at the Children's museum.   We will bring our dogs, DIL and other grandkids, so we probably won't be there all day; especially if the weather is hot.
   Second weekend tentative-either day, will have our dogs again if we go.
   Third weekend coincides with the Davenport Celtic festival and heavy games this year, so we will not be at faire.

I'll be at Sleepy Hollow (Des Moines) for the second weekend 2017!


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