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Leonardo's (Mount Carmel, PA- East Central PA)

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This isn't an actual fair, but the venue is Renaissance themed and will have the same type of acts, singing, comedy, dress and d├ęcor and of course food of a Renn Faire.  The main difference is this is a year round event!

So think all the best things you love of a Renn Faire, minus the walking around acres and acres of paths... sometimes muddy paths!  This will basically be a Renn Faire in a building.

 ... and this is my building

You can't get any closer to the look of a castle unless you go to Europe and buy one!

Leonardo's is located in Central PA (East Central- Mount Carmel to be exact) and is the perfect outing when all the faires are closed and you're craving your old world fix!  There will be impromptu songs and skits, and on Saturdays there will be a Renaissance themed dinner show.   

I am your host, Leonardo himself!  I encourage everyone to come out once we open and anyone dressed in their favorite Renn Faire attire will get a 10% discount!  Oh...  this discount is not just for the opening night... anyone that shows up in costume will always get a discount no matter what day of the year.

Here is the Facebook site=

Come follow us as Leonardo's comes to life and watch our soon to be posted video blog. 

Hausfrau Monica:
Well done Leonardo! It looks like your plans are coming together nicely. Do you have an opening time frame yet? Come and chat when you can.

I'm still on for April, maybe May at the latest.  It all depends on whether zoning gets any more 'interesting'.  By that I mean when I got the building it was listed as commercial and I was told I can run any commercial business I want.  In fact the previous owner was running a banquette hall out of the basement, and get ready for this... semi-professional wrestling in the cathedral!  As in guys in spandex jumping off ladders and hitter each other with chairs!  THAT kind of wrestling.

Well when I put in my paperwork to get approval to open a dinner theater restaurant, I was told that the zoning request WOULD be denied and that I would have to pay $350 and go to a council hearing to have a zoning variance passed so it could be 'rezoned' commercial.  I told the zoning officer it was ALREADY a commercial building, and he said 'Yeah but it's in a residential district'.  I told him that didn't make any sense, it is either commercial or residential and it is already listed as commercial.

Personally I think it was a money grab.  I had my hearing and it was passed 4 to 1.  I still have to wait incase anyone submits a formal appeal.  After that I can get the renovations going.

Anyway... I am still moving forward!  I just interviewed a potential performer.  He just needs to come in for a formal audition now.  :)

Zoning has been approved and we are starting to get performers lined up.

I am still looking for more performers to join us.  I will even entertain temporary positions for acts that work the PA Renn Faire when it is open or other fairs, but don't have a gig for the off season.

Contact me if interested.  I also want some featured acts that can come in for special events but not necessarily want to commit to being on site on a weekly basis.

Jay Byrd:
What is the word, and when can we start coming?


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