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Ryk Rakham:
Greetings fellowe Faire Folke. This past November my son and his family moved to Colorado Springs (actually Palmer Lake I think). We are going to use that as an excuse to come and visit them AND attend CRF for the first time ever. We attend most weekends at Scarborough Ren Fest in Texas and TRF about once per year. WE've always wanted to attend CRF and it looks like this summer we will get that chance. Looking forward to being a guest at your Faire and meeting as many of you as possible. We will likely spend a week there and therefore attend an entire weekend at CRF. Until then, Faire thee well and we'll see you on the other side........of the gates!

Hausfrau Monica:
Hello Ryk.....long time no chat!

I am so happy to hear your news.  CoRF is now my home faire and I hope to be there much more often.  Please stay in touch and let us know which weekend you will go.  Celtic weekend is a must on our list.

Pop into chat when you can....I am almost always on there.  Let's catch up.

Frau Monica

Welcome, Ryk!  We look very much forward to having you join us in Larkspur.

If your family is, in fact, in Palmer Lake, you will be less than 10 minutes from the gate.   

If you browse through the CRF thread a bit, you will find some very useful advise on "surviving" a faire located 6800 feet above sea level, where everything is up hill both ways.    :)

And if you have any questions at all about our fair shire, you have but to post.


Ryk Rakham:
We are so excited. Looks like we'll be in Palmer Lake for the week before the 4th of July then attend CRF on Sunday the 5th of July!! Can't wait. I've always wanted to attend your Faire and now we have a date set!!


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