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Hello, there. I'm new to this board, and am looking for a little insight. I am a RenFare and Sherwood Forest enthusiast, and I enjoy making custom longbow and recurve bows that are functional weapons. Does anyone have any suggestions on the best "market" for this kind of thing? I'm on Etsy and Ebay, but I'm not connecting with the kind of folks I'm looking for.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Well, if you aren't already, you may want to get on the traditional/hunting bow forums (there were some in the past, I haven't visited in awhile).  But, in general, this is not a bow heavy sort of group, although there are many members here that have bows as part of their thing. 



Jay Byrd:
Chilidog326, where do you sell your bows as I am in the market, as it were.

I make longbows (and some other types of bows) and have sold them in many places.
* Own website  (
* Ren Faires
*Gun and knife shows
* Sporting Good shows
* Magazine ads
* Ebay
* Pow wows

It really is hard to sell enough of the bows to make a full-time living.  I am glad it is a simple 'hobby business' for me.
Jeremy Bays


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