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theif character?

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My persona is that of a thief I got basic garb  planned something to get me by... Any ideas or suggestions in an unrolled scroll........
I know it will be hard to be in character until I make renny friends who's coin purses I can "snag". Like I said I'm still at the drawing board.

Lady Christina de Pond:
when i think of Renaissance or medieval thief i picture Kevin bacon's character in Robin Hood Prince of thieves. 

Aye, Robin always comes to mind but I picture a darker path for me, one filled with loss and hurt,struggles of being orphaned and the trails of survival on the streets. Yes darker indeed but perhaps a romantic side and a longing for a family for myself ...yes I like that  ::)

Lady Christina de Pond:
a dark green or black would be a good coloring since you want your character to be dark also you should have a hood of some sort even if it's attached to your shirt

I'm waiting for a reply from folkofthewood on etsy  hopefully I get get good news


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