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The 10th Annual Renaissance Awards Podcast


Ren Fest Podcast:

Lady Renee Buchanan:
Huzzah to Bristol!  The 4th year in a row for Best Renaissance Faire.  Also winner - many Bristol cast, performers, and vendors.

Huzzah to the forum for placing in the top faire groups.

Gauwyn of Bracknell:
I just don't understand the fascination with the turkey leg (#1 'food??' )

Merlin the Elder:
They can be tasty, but for a great bearded one, such as myself, it can be rather disgusting to watch...

Rowan MacD:
  There must not be much competition for Best non musical group. 

    I still see the Tortuga Twins about once per year, and I don't bother to stay for the entire show anymore; they have not changed their material in (at least) a decade.


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