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It has been years since I last been planning on going though this season. .... Alas being so deprived of my fix... I am inquiring about rules and regulations on weapons and maybe  a pub to hit up being I'm on age to enjoy such splendor now ... I know on thing is for certain when I go if I do ....TURKEY LEGS !!!!

Merlin the Elder:
KCRF has a strict No Weapons policy.

They have a new Beer and Bacon pub this year, for those looking for a genuine WTF moment...

 many thanks wisened one! Its a dark day when thy mustnt wear ones pointy or stick flinger in thynes own realm :(

Gauwyn of Bracknell:
I replace my weapon with a flute - peace tied of course!! (my personal protest :) )

Being that my persona us a thief I don't need a weapon but one should be able to carry a peace tied dagger....you peace tie your flute 0.0... I could always replace my dagger with a pickpocket set


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