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August 22



I am looking forward to being warm, tan and sweating whilst complaining about heavy garb! Can't wait until that day count reads 100 or less!


18!! Man us Texas folk need to show you Michigan folks how a countdown is done!!  ;)  :P

*runs back to her state*

Poldugarian Warrior:
Got my Viking shield ready! Made it for my Halloween costume and it's the real deal, full round wood from hardware store, with stainless steel bowl as it's boss, no colored design. It's heavy, but looks so cool. Planning on going more Viking gear this year, seems quite popular with the T.V. show and all. But, my musketeer garb was good too, I won a costume contest with that. I guess it depends on the theme weekend and how I feel that week, but I'am excited. As I know all of you are.


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