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Lady Christina de Pond:
anyone ready for the cold to go away and for April to arrive I am excited waiting open weekend

We will try to attend.  However GCRF @ Pensacola is in less that 2 weeks.  Come on down..... 

This year will be our first at GARF! We live in Charleston, SC so CRF is our home fair, but we used to live in Kentucky and have travelled to TRF yearly since 2003. This year we'll be at TRF on May 9, then GARF on May 10!

Lady Christina de Pond:
I would love to come to gcrf maybe in a year or two. I actually am hoping that I can go to Garf In April and then drag my friend to crf in the fall. and then save my other vacation week for when I find a house

Ooooo, shoot!  My plans may allow me to visit on 16 or 17 May!  All the way from Kansas City!


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