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Still planning on being there Sunday the 17th! I'll most likely be wearing my 15th century mariner garb: dark blue wool doublet, white slops, stockings, black leather shoes, and a blue thrum cap (with my R/F pin on the cap). I sincerely look forward to visiting your shire.

And I'll be there tomorrow! We were at TNRF today, and will be visiting GARF for the first time on Sunday. We're a young adult couple (my husband may be wearing a one-shoulder cape or a kilt, depending how hot he gets) and then my grandmother in 'danes. :)

Jay Byrd:
Is there camping?  If so does anyone know how to get in touch with the camp to make reservations?



Unless they just put one in,there is no camping at GARF.  However one exit south of the exit for GARF there is a commercial campground.  My wife and I have stayed there a few time.  It is great, unless you are looking for tent camping.  I don't think they have that but you might want to call to be sure.

Is there a  "Friends of Faire" or something like it at GARF? If so, do they allow daily memberships?


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