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I had a good time!  We got there an hour before the gates opened, and had a tailgate of fruit and mimosas.  Saw the Tortuga Twins (first show). LOVED Hey Nunnie Nunnie.  Also saw the bird show (which one of our party ADORED!).  I wasn't finding much in the line of music, except for that pub.  Saw 2 acts:  Shennaigans, and Cu Dubh (I think).  The Cu Dubh was a one-man act that knew many of the pub songs; he even knew the Darby O'Gill version of Finnegan's Wake (and I provided the audience participation, with a couple of forgotten lines).  The two I was with were ready to go right before the rain started, so we went back to the pub to ride out the storm, but left before the pub sing.  I was surprised at the humble parade, and the smaller percentage of playtrons.  But the GARF KILLS IT in the variety of food available, and the price for beer ($4).  A nice experience!

Merlin the Elder:
Was that your first time at a Hey Nunnie, Nunnie show?  I was a cradle Catholic and the first time I saw them, I nearly came undone, I was laughing so hard!

Merlin:  Yes.  I loved it!  I'm a Christian, non-denominational now, but raised Presbyterian and then Pentecostal.  Never was Catholic, but have been to their services more than a few times, and I am pretty familiar with the religion.  I think that helps make their humor funnier!

Merlin the Elder:
Heh-heh!  It also helped to have been taught by nuns for so many years. So much was spot on!

Anyone at GARF this weekend? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


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