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I've looked through the website, but I have some questions for those who may be familiar with GARF.  Do they have a "Pub Sing" at the end of the day? How about a town dance?  Also, do the villagers perform courtesies when royalty passes?  Finally, how do they feel about tailgaters in the parking lot?  Thank-you very much!  I hope I can make it out!

Pub sing ---- YES.  In fact there is singing in the Pub most all day not just the end of the day

No town dance that I have ever seen.

All manner of royal courtesy is observed

I have never witnessed a formal tail gate get-to-gether.

OK!  It's pretty definite for Sun the 17th of May!  It'll be my first visit to the lanes of GARF, and I'll have two "Faire Virgins"
 with me!  I'll try to get them to garb up!
BLAKDUKE, thank-you for the scoop!
I see your village is called "Newcastle".  Very nice!
I cannot say if we will do a pre-cannon tailgate, as I am visiting friends, and they live 1 1/2 hrs to the South in Thomaston.  Opening cannon goes at 10:30?  Is there usually an opening show before cannon?

I would not call it a show per se, but there is a gathering at the gate wherein the King and Queen make an appearance along with other cast members and converse with the patrons.

Lady Christina de Pond:
yes not sure I would call it pre show but maybe pre festivities and yes gates open at 10:30
I'm hoping that we get there around 10ish so I have time to get both of us dressed this year


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