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Sterling 40th Anniversary


Sir Douglas of Waterbury:
Looking for ideas to celebrate our 40th Anniversary celebration in 2016. One idea being bantered about is a 40th Anniversary Reunion of all cast and artisans and participants since the beginning! Any other thoughts or ideas??

Oh! I would love to see past members of the cast! What a fun idea!
Hurry and melt all the snow, will you? I have "Sterling~Cabin~ Fever"!

I have not logged into this site in forever. The 40th Anniversary celebration is an awesome idea. I will certainly be coming up with ideas to help this along.

Capt. William Drake:
I personally would like to see a romance themed weekend.  I myself have been married for over 20 years and I would like to have a group renewal of vows.  What about flowers, chocolate and music?  Just my two cents, but they really need to start putting some themed event dates on their website because the faire season is fast approaching.

Sir Douglas of Waterbury:
We will be doing a renewal of vows on the second weekend which is when it is when we usually offer this event. If you check I think you may still be able to get a discount with our early bird pricing.


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