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Adult Easter Egg Hunt on the KCRF grounds.

Saturday, April 11, 1-5

They quoted two prices on the ad I got:  General Admission starts at $15, VIP Admissions starts at $40

Call 913 721-2110 for more info.

My friend & I already have tickets and a plan to caravan from CoMO!  I'm excited to run around and be happy at the festival site in Spring!! ;D

Admission includes various goodies, but ticket prices go up starting March 12.

I'm considering it

We had a delightful day at KC's inaugural Kegs'n'Eggs!  The loop around the Children's Realm was open for exploration.  I've never seen such a crazed mob of happy people running for plastic eggs!  Poo got real.  I also witnessed a bunny getting getting freaky with a Scotsman, reacquainted with a Brownie in human glamour, and took my picture with a giant chocolate Sir Gnome (he had a mustache).  Cotton candy was the best vegetarian lunch ever.  We made some new friends who gifted us with a share of their loot: St. Louis Renaissance Festival tickets (super-yay!).  The weather was lovely and the festival grounds were a welcome sight!  I recommend the experience & hope they'll do this (or another activity on the site in Spring) again next year.

Sounds like you had a good time!  When are you going to Petit Lyon (St Louis) this yr?


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