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I am not going, but look for Michael!

Hey friends! Had a great time today at Kegs 'n' Eggs 2016! My group won extra copies of the 2009 Renaissance festival romantic comedy dvd "All's Faire in Love". It looks to be silly and cheesy! I think we have 5 to share. Anyone want one? New condition & free! :D

Michael went.  Vicki and I dropped him off and picked him up.  He had a great time!  he found 1 of the 10 money eggs.  He also got 2 tix to KCRF.  Some other stuff too, but he was a little toasty and forgetful.  He was looking for you, but there were close to 3000 people there; he missed you!

It had a great turnout!  I didn't see Michael either, but I saw his picture on the Kegs'n'Eggs Facebook page! :)  I can't wait for real festival!  I might need to start a countdown soon...

Saturday, 7 Apr 2018 for this years' Kegs -n- Eggs!  I already have 2 tix, 1 designated driver for me, and 1 beer sampler for Michael!  It should be a good time! 


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