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Planning to attend opening weekend!  You? 

I think May 9-10, and then Memorial Day weekend, 23-25 May.

Well, they don't open until the 16th, so the 9th is out!  Prob gonna check out the GA Ren Faire the 17th (since I'll be visiting a friend there), so won't be at Petit Lyon until Memorial Day weekend.

April 2, 2016!

Two friends & I snagged early bird tickets for Kegs 'n' Eggs 2016. The event sold out, but they have expanded the event & are now offering more general admission tickets! http://www.kegsneggskc.com/

I can't wait to hang out at the KCRF grounds in 6 short weeks!  I hope we have beautiful weather like last year (but I'm sure you know I'll have a smile on my face rain or shine ;D).  There will be new food trucks (links at the bottom of the info section) & new egg hunt rules giving more people prizes!  I hope to win St. Louis Renaissance Festival tickets.  Last year, we made new friends who shared their festival ticket prizes with us!  Yay, friends!


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