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My little Vardo

Started by isabelladangelo, May 06, 2014, 03:42:43 PM

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011 par Isabella, on ipernity

photo 2 par Isabella, on ipernity

This is how I will camp this year for at least a couple of faires and Pennsic.   I just repainted the vardo and it looks *so* much better.   How will you be camping?

Hausfrau Monica

Such a pretty vardo. We are thinking of building one some time in the future. Any chance of inside pictures please?


014 par Isabella, on ipernity

This was more of the lamp.  Where the pillows are- the bench backs there fold down to create a platform for a twin sized bed.  The rolled up with pink ribbon mattress at the bottom of the picture fits perfectly on the platform.   However, when I'm traveling or during the day, I keep the the bench backs "up".  This way, I can invite guests in and they have a place to sit.  The table does fold down nice as well.  :-)

This is from the bench area looking back towards the door.  There is a dorm size fridge and a kitchen sink.  :-)   

I bought my vardo a little over a year ago from a guy that makes them in Wisconsin.  I *love* it.   Despite the way the pictures look, it has a ton of room.  I keep all the blankets, sheets, and many other accessories for the vardo in the vardo year around.   I have dresser drawers for my garb and plenty of shelving for kitchen supplies. 

David Ketchum

That's wonderful.  I've never camped but I would really like to get a Vardo also.  Where do you put them ?  With the tents or the RVs ?  Do you leave it hooked up to your vehicle ? Or drive it to the camp area and then unhitch and move your car/truck to the parking area ?

Looks fun




My shepherd's hut gets parked typically in any tent like space.   It's not very big - 8'x10' - so I haven't had to park with the RVs.  When I'm camping, I unhook it and put a lock on the hitch to prevent theft.  (Not that it will prevent a determined thief but it will stop 90% of thieves simply because you'd need bolt cutters to get through that thing.)  I then just park my truck in the normal parking area.   

This year, I'm building a solar generator to help power it.  It has a dorm fridge inside and I have bad food allergies so this will help with my food situation.   

If you are interested in shepherd's huts, check out tinyhouselistings dot com.   Most of the time they are $$$ because of the interest in tiny houses now but you can still find deals once in a while.