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Keeping warm in camp


I haven't seen this suggestion on the web, so I'm offering up my solution.

Many folks use pop-ups for the communal gathering area and also have the pop-up form of tent. This also applies to tents with covering tarps.

There are emergency blankets available for about $1-2 each (available in multiple packages). These are very thin film reflective blankets, usually about 4' x 6'.

Mount these on the walls of your pop-up, so that the heat from your communal fire is reflected back and not lost to the environment. Also reflects body heat back into the tent. Plus, reflect any lighting setup in the area.

During the hot Summer months, mount the reflective blankets outside to reduce the solar heating.

I used plastic clips (the kind to close potato chip/cereal packages) available for a few dollars for a dozen.

I'll stick with my heater and fleece blankets in my wonderful tiny home.  :-)


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