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ARF Invasion!

Started by Prima, November 26, 2014, 08:26:47 PM

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Bogie and I will be in attendance of ARF this year with some fellow RFers from Colorado over President's Day Weekend.  We look forward to seeing old faces and meeting new ones ;D  We just booked flights...wooohoooo!!!!  Any one else in attendance that weekend? 
"I aim to misbehave" ~Malcolm Reynolds

Amara Deegan

Red Hat Queen and I shall be there on the Saturday!

Capt Gabriela Fullpepper

Toki and I will be there Presidents Day weekend from Colorado as well
"The Metal Maiden"
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Morgan Dreadlocke

Weather permittin' and me Fathers brother Samuel don't be wantin' more special orders :-X

Ain't had time ta do anything Piraty since... last year :o
My intentions are to commandeer a venue, sail to Tortuga, then pick, strum and otherwise play me weasily black guts out.


Hope to see you all there ... going with my pirate cohort...Amara Deegan
Red Hat Ren Queen a.k.a Mari


I'm there trying to chase down birds-