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Have a few questions about our first visit to CoRF. VERY excited!

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Irish Kate:
Hello all!

We are Missourians and have never ventured past plains/flatlands renfests. I've been scouring the threads in this forum for tips (IE: drink tons of water, rest often, layers if necessary, etc), so I'm hoping we are going to be prepped for our visit physically. We're planning on attending in court outfits, and I'm seeing a lot of Elizabethan styles in the photos from the faire. Do people visit in Tudor outfits as well?  Also, are there colors we should avoid so as not to be mistaken by other visitors for cast members for this season?

We are thrilled to pieces to be able to see this beautiful faire site and visit with everyone!

We are delighted that you will be visiting Larkspurshire this season, Kate!  As a visitor, please feel free to wear whatever you please, but here are a couple of tips you may find helpful:  Goode King Henry and Faire Queen Anne are on the throne, so that should help you pick the right historical period.  Also, the King and Queen wear red, so you may wish to avoid that particular color.  Lastly, please take seriously the admonitions about the liberal use of water and sunscreen.  The Festival is situated on the side of a mountain at approximately 6800 feet above sea level and the atmosphere is very, very dry.  Consequently, patrons suffering from severe sunburn and/or dehydration is something we see EVERY weekend.

Finally, please do come and introduce yourselves to the Court if the opportunity should arise.  There are few things we enjoy more than meeting travelers from afar!


Irish Kate:
Thank you so much for the information! I'm totally using "but the King and Queen are wearing red" as my reasoning for buying more fabric to make something new (both our Elizabethan and our Tudor outfits are red)  :D

Can't wait for opening weekend!

Any excuse will do!

We're looking forward to meeting you, Kate!

Earl of Surrey:
To your question of period, we do have a mix of late Henrician and early Elizabethan styles on court.  Some of that has to do with climate.  The broad shouldered and layered great coats that are so typical of Henry's time, with furs and such, are too heavy for the altitude and sun.  While we are often quite temperate in terms of pure temperature, at nearly 7,000 feet, if you are in the sun you can really heat up.  Standing for joust we often feel our toes cooking if our black boots are in direct sun.  At Larkspurshire, the difference between in-shade and in-sun can be 20 degrees.  So, whenever possible we "shade hop" and our garb tends to be designed to dissipate or reflect heat.  Such are the technical realities of a Rocky Mountain outdoor festival.  Shade hopping isn't hard since our Festival is located in a lovely mountain pine forest, but of course, our duties often place us in spots where we don't have the option.


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