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my presence shalt be at thine festival!


Hello, Mark my words, I will make it to the festival. I hope I get to meet a lot of wonderful people and acquire boundless resources. Look out for me!

We bid thee welcome, Thirsty, and look very much forward to your presence in Larkspurshire!  Please do present yourself to the Royal Court to be suitably recognized as a pilgrim from a distant shire, for there are few things that Their Majesties enjoy more.

As you shall see, CoRF has much to offer, and we do truly hope you have a most memorable visit.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to ask either publicly or privately.



Vicki and I are still planning on coming Independence weekend. Probably partial day on Saturday to close, but all day on Sunday! Huzzah!

Huzzah, indeed, Butch!  Looking very much forward to seeing you both!


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