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"Sugar Loaf" helmet & chainmail.


From "A Knight's Tale!" Just kidding. Knight's "Sugar Loaf" helmet, popular during the Crusades. Also extremely heavy chainmail. Asking $225.00 for both. Unable to post pics due to being a newbie. I can email pics directly if interested. Pick up in Terrell, Tx or maybe close by.  Cannot ship due to weight of chainmail. Thanks.

What is the chest size of the chain mail

Good morning! The width is 44" so, It is safe to say that the Chest size is 42. Thanks :)

Monsignor de Beaumanoir:
Is the mail "butted" or "riveted"? Does it have full length arms?

I have shipped my mail halberk via USPS in a "If it fits-It ships" box with no issues, and I stand 6"6" at nearly 280. No problems with the weight of the box. Just need to make sure it's taped well.

Regarding the sugar loaf helm- what's the interior circumference? Does it have a liner? A chin strap?


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