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Blugrass Roll Call

Started by Neophyte, May 09, 2008, 04:10:40 AM

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I may be in IL. but I'm gonna get the ball rolling here.

Calling all KY natives/residents, pop in and thumb your nose at the hackers... ;D
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I be here. As you know, it's hard to keep a good Bluegrasser down! It's good to see you, as it were, Master Neo!
If all is going well, you've obviously overlooked something!

Old Tinker

we be here Lord Neophyte, hello Lady of thee Bluegrass.
funny, CapnFaye had start'd a topic here, but it seems to have vanish'd.
we have made thee mistake of not back'n up our "Calendar of Friends".
so until we return home, thee "Calendar" will just have to wait.
RenDevous'08 is just around thee corner, 2 weeks - WOW not long now.
may all be well,
i be the Old Tinker and his Belle...
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Oops! It does look like it's vanished. That's alright, we can pop in here!

Don't worry Tinker, we'll all help you build a new calendar here if you'd like!
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It didn't vanish, it's now in "smaller faires" in the Midwest section. I would imagine it'll get moved to the Kentucky section soon.
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Old Tinker

CapnFaye, me Belle thinks we should wait a while before try'n to put together another "Calendar". we have faith that we will return to our home place with all thee information that was left there. thank you so much for offer'n thee help. R/F friends are thee best.
LH, see, once again our navigator directs us to what we were look'n for. i tell you people, our LadyHawke, we will keep and she may not ever leave our region. Yes dear LH, this Old Tinker does not give orders to others, but this is thee exception.
LH, you never did let me Belle and me know if thee will be visit'n KyHRF, other than thee R/F Invasion. so....
good fortune to all,
i be the Old Tinker and his Belle...
Loveland "Castleteer"
Travel Safe, Travel Far


I don't think I'll be able to get to KY before the invasion, as I have a new house to deal with and many roller coasters to visit during this "trying" time...(life should always be this, um, "trying"... :D).
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Have no fear Bluegrassers, my roots are in KY; I only currently live in Ohio...
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Capt Lucy

I live in KY but I do not attend any faires here anymore  :(

But yeah, I survived the great heist of lol
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I'm not a KY native but I love the KYHRF. I will be a vendor there this year and am still inviting you all the use of my booth for the sign in during the invasion. Other wise please stop by and say " HI " to me or my parents Sir Jim & Lady Helen. We would love to meet as many of you as possible. My booth name is Jewelry Creations and More By CherBear. I make anklets, bracelets, necklaces, rings, children size bracelets & necklaces, & earrings for the jewelry part. I also make leather hair ties with pewter beads and hair clips with crystals dangles, fair hair clips, flower fairies and swarovski crystals with hangers and some windchimes. I feel like I'm forgetting something but I guess I'll find it when I set up. I also have great prices. Nothing over $50.00. Not bad for genuine swarovski crystals & gemstones. 
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duncan flynn

Well,bless my soul,if a pirate ever had one! I just now found out about the change in site. But Northeren Ky finaaly found its way here. Hope I'm still welcome. Duncan flynn in service to the sea.


Just stopping in to say hi. I can't wait to see what has popped up this year. KY will be the best faire in the area before long. (if it isn't now)
Now you can't really blame that on me.


If you lead a good life, and say your prayers, when you die... go to Kentucky!

...sorry I didn't hear my name called, I was tardy...
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Admiral Perry

Not on the rolles but will be at Ky opening day, Spent last week-end at Tn.