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Wow can't believe its so dead here!

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Come on guys why is it so dead? This is the original pleasure faire!!

I think you can blame facebook. Everybody and his uncle 3 times removed go there.  I
personally would not give you a wooden farthing for it.

Gauwyn of Bracknell:
Sorry, would have replied sooner - I was on Facebook   ;D

Rowan MacD:
 LOL ;D-I'm on facebook; but I still log on here just about every day.
  Blame whomever is supposed to keep this thread active...

  Most of the festivals and faires keep their FB pages more up to date than they do their websites anymore.
   Personally, I would kill to attend this one, but it seems that my trips to California to visit family are never at the same time the faire is going on; and I can't justify that kind of expensive trip just to visit a faire.
   Not to mention that my family out there flatly refuses to attend.

The California Faires have almost no representation on RF.com.  I've met 3 great people from RF.com total during the last 9 years who simply recognized the pin that Deadbishop gave me or had known where to find me at the faire.  Perhaps we California folks need to invite teh RF.com community to the NorCal faire.  I know that SoCal is the original, but camping/lodging is problematic at best.  NorCal is in a really beautiful area and has nearby camping and better lodging options.


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