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Family and I are making another trip to CO in June and are planning on attending opening Sat.  Did this two years ago and really enjoyed our time at CRF.
Question:  will discount coupons be available at area Wendy's again this summer?  If not, any intel would be appreciated.

We're looking forward  to welcoming you back, RenStarr!  As far as we know, two-for-one coupons will be available from Wendy's again this year.  At least we have not been told differently.

And we are looking forward to again attending CRF!!  I'll make sure to say hello if and when I see you on opening Saturday Norfolk.  Hopefully those discount coupons will still be available again this year, any help at the gate is always a good thing.

Ian Maxwell:
Peak Values magazine has two for one coupons for the second and third weekends. http://www.peakvaluesmagazine.com/index.php/peakvalues-online-coupons


Many thanks, Ian!


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