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2015 Quad Cities Celtic Festival and Highland Games

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Rowan MacD:
When:  September 18-19th  about 8am-5:00 pm both days
LOTS of musical acts (see website)

Ceilidh 5:pm-9:00 pm

Where: Centennial Park on the Davenport Riverfront.

Admission: Free  (sponsors pay for the site)


We will be hosting the Midwest Region's "Championship" of the Scottish Games League and the Celtic Highland Games Lightweight National Championship at our 2015 event.

Gauwyn of Bracknell:
It's nice to see Langar's Ball will be there

Lady Renee Buchanan:
This sounds like such fun!  Do people wear garb?  I know the men wear kilts.  What about the women?

Gauwyn of Bracknell:
I have seen women in celtic garb - also women in kilts!

Rowan MacD:

--- Quote from: Lady Renee Buchanan on May 18, 2015, 06:12:22 PM ---This sounds like such fun!  Do people wear garb?  I know the men wear kilts.  What about the women?

--- End quote ---
  Oh yeah ^_^.  Come as you are, garb is welcome. 
  It helps to take along a comfy chair, since no matter how many folding chairs they have, it's generally standing room only.  Crowds tend to be around 75-100 for the musical acts in the Ceilidh tent.  This is getting bigger every year, and the Ceilidh really gets going after 5.  Sing alongs are common.
    Seems we get more musical acts every year, and seriously good ones (I can vouch for this, since we try to finagle a Clan tent spot across from the party.) 
   Free admission, lots of parking, beer, soda (and that gross drink that has been called Scotland's other national drink- Irn Bru. Ick!)
   Haggis, baby's head, pasties (yum) , fish and chips,  available from vendors of ethnic foods and  hot dogs and hamburgers from the Boy Scouts, vets and POW concessions.
   We've had sheep dog demos for the last couple years-always interesting. 
  Caber, sheaf and Hammer toss athletic championships for both sexes (thus the ladies in kilts). and activities for kids everywhere.  Parade of tartans-and you can walk with your clan if you wish.


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