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2015 Quad Cities Celtic Festival and Highland Games

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Rowan MacD:

--- Quote from: Gauwyn of Bracknell on May 18, 2015, 06:13:45 PM ---I have seen women in celtic garb - also women in kilts!

--- End quote ---
  You and your lady going to drop by again this year?

Gauwyn of Bracknell:
of course!

Rowan MacD:
The weather is going to be great again this year-70's and sunny. 

This years Entertainment in the Ceilidh Tent:

The Langers Ball
Four Shillings Short
Laurel Almquist (Harper)
The Beggermen
The Gothard Sisters
The Lads of Dubuque
The Led Farmers
Wylde Nept

Ceilidh and beer/drink sales start on Friday and runs both days.  Soda, water, Gatorade etc. also available at the beer concession.

  Games, Vendors, Clan tents and Bagpipe marching band, parade of tartans and other heritage events mostly on Saturday-since most of us get in and set up on Friday afternoon.
  Garb is always welcome, or come as you are. 
  We have bleachers, but bring a chair (and sunscreen) if you want to spend the day.
  See you there!


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