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Re: On the subject of Garb
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Most people can't tell the difference between Elizabethan and Henrican. Most even have a hard time telling between medieval and renaissance. Vikings and barbarians, and yes even pirates abound at faires, none being period (pirates did exist in period, but this was a few decades before the Golden Age of Sail) and most people seem to be okay with it. Samurai are a closer contemporary than Vikings. Yes, sci-fi cosplay can distract from the feel of faires, and I am not a fan of it, but to actively discourage patrons from exploring the idea of dressing up because it isn't up to your standards serves to only discourage participation at any level. To actively discourage people, especially patrons, from trying to participate will not make a faire feel more authentic, just more empty. Most of us were patrons once, and getting the feel for our garb was a learning experience, and an evolution of character.

Sorry, but I disagree fully.   Getting rid of the sci-fi will make those that don't dress up come back to the faire.  I've spoken with several people who won't come to the renn fest anymore because of how comic-con esque it has become.  I'm not saying strict standards but something PG and historically inspired (ie, not accurate) seems to be perfectly reasonable.
Historically inspired seems to rather fit the intentions of the original poster.

Yes, historically inspired but not really a good fit at a Renaissance Faire.  In the broadest sense, I think a costume should be inspired by early European history.  You would not have seen a samurai in a European village during the Renaissance.  There are still a lot of ways to be creative, many people choose to dress like legendary characters like robin hood or fairies, which I think fit in just fine and are closer to theme than something sci-fi.  I'm really not trying to become part of the costume police, but I do go to the faire expecting something resembling European history and not Comic-Con.  I appreciate everyone who wears historically inspired costume as it brings me into that theme more.
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