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Curious: Has a renfest band played modern music on period instruments?

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I only recently signed up here and was exploring 'ye ole Renfest world'.   It seems that music goes hand in hand with renfests and obviously bands play renaissance music on period instruments.  Obviously, being new to renfests I am not familiar with the traditional pieces that most bands play.  So I am wondering if it has come up that some renfest bands play more modern and familiar music on their period instruments?

While that may sound strange, I admit there has to be some kind of coolness factor in hearing a familiar tune played in a different way on different instruments.

I wouldn't be surprised if there are rennie bands out there that do this, but so far in viewing videos on YouTube, I have not come across it.


Absolutely,  you will hear them mix in some more modern songs if you pay attention.  Led zeppelin seems to be a particular favorite among groups with strings, pipe groups throw in all kinds of random stuff.

Gauwyn of Bracknell:

My son's band played at a small soft faire in Amana, Iowa and  uses mandolin, violin, bouzouki, percussion and do Kasmir (as do several), Miserlou, Game of Thrones, Brave Sir Robin.  They are only 15 year olds.  I'll post some video as soon as I get it converted.

Rowan MacD:
  @Diaval-Most ren bands do not use actual 'period' instruments. They tend to be too bulky, temperamental and the sound is far better on the modern versions of the same things.   Most common instruments have evolved considerably since the 1500's, and for the better.
  Performances on true, playable reproductions of actual period instruments in this area are mostly provided by groups like Musica Antiqua of ISU (a teaching group).   They build and play a few odd looking and now extinct, keyed, wind and string instruments, as well as demonstrate the period dances that accompanied them.  An interesting show.
  I have not seen them perform at faire since the Ren Faire of the Midlands closed.  The only 'period' instruments you will commonly see would be the lute, the hammered dulcimer, recorder and pan pipes.
   You can see and hear all of them on the website:

Merlin the Elder:
There is a group of musicians who play at Sherwood, but play strictly period music, and use period instruments and faithful reproductions. They are amazing to watch and listen to.


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