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Looks like I'm bringing my new girlfriend Saturday, and she's never been to a ren faire.

I was there on Saturday, 6 Jun.  Had a great time!  I couldn't make it in 2014, and this was the ONLY day I could make it this year.  REALLY crowded, compared to 2013, but mostly near the entrance at the bottom of the hill.  Saw 3 Pints Gone, Tinker and Martha, Dr. Rev. Mr. Ed Cheeks Miller, The McGuire Bros, Corsets and Codpieces, and the King's Sing.  Wanted to see much more, but alas, it wasn't in the cards.  Les Amis membership is still a must.  I ate some chicken and chips by the Dead Parrot Pub.  Saw fellow R/F member Once Debauched, Capt Hunnar Greybeard, and Act2Redux.  DID NOT see AmyJ (she's a party on 2 legs!  Love visiting with her!) A lot of the entertainers and vendors have migrated from KC (I guess because of the new ownership?).  All in all, this remains a very nice faire!

Once Debauched:
He did see me!  Even better, I saw him too!!!  lol

I caught up with AmyJ and might I say she was a tad bummed at missing you.  I'm still in the throws of photo editing so not everything has been posted to The Book of Faces quite yet, but feel free to add me - Anyone/everyone feel free to add me

Shellie Thicklegchelle

Edit:  I REALLY need to update muh pic!

Look for my friend request!


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