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Ceramic Bird-shaped Whistles


Hello!  I hope I chose the right category for this question...

I was at the fair on Celtic weekend and I left without finding the vendor who was selling these neat little bird-shaped whistles. I saw one in blue but I'm not sure if there were other colors.  Had so much fun, completely forgot to investigate :(

Can anyone tell me who that vendor was?  And if they maybe have an online store?  I don't think they are listed on the merchant list, unless I am missing them.

Not sure which faire you were at, but you're probably thinking of Jake's Toys -

He sells ceramic bird whistles and various wooden toys.  At Scarborough he's in Holly Field, right near the Turtledrome.  His next show should be Sterling, NY.  Hope this helps!

Rowan MacD:
  The ones that chirp when you fill them with water? 
  I have a couple, they're neat.  The Hissing Serpent sells them at our faires- I think I paid $3.00 each for them. I bought one in terra cotta, and one painted and glazed, same price.
  There are a number of vendors-Search in Chirping bird water whistle, Chirping bird ocarina, etc.
  You can buy them on on Ebay for $1.50 for two.


Thank you both!

Bookwench:  I was at the fair in Virginia. I found this forum through their website, didn't notice that it was sort of an all-encompassing Ren Fair discussion site until now :) oops


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