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Rowan MacD:
Calling all Celts in the Cedar rapids/Iowa City area! 

2015 “ALL THINGS SCOTTISH” CELTICFEST Saturday, 18 July at Squaw Creek Park, Marion Presented by Hawkeye Area Grand Gaelic Isles Society PO Box 10212 Cedar Rapids, IA 52410-0212



where: Red Cedar Lodge at  Squaw Creek Park, Marion, IA
when:Saturday, July 18th, 2015...10am-6pm
How much:$10 Adults, $5 Kids, Age 5 and under-free!

What to do:  Music, dancing, Highland Athletic games, demos and Clan membership research tents.

Last Years entertainment:   

Blackhawk Pipes & Drums   


Champagne Irish Dance

Orkes & Trolles

Grand March of Clans   

Kilt Pleating Demo

Knobbly Knees Contest

Pass Four Productions

Wylde Nept + Ashley H.
Stapleton Highland Dance   



Gauwyn of Bracknell:
I do see this year that Langars Ball will be there.

Rowan MacD:
  This one's right up in your neck of the woods; isn't it?   
   David is from the Cedar Rapids area, and he said some of his family and old school buddies will be coming out to see us at the fest.
   We also had some Clan Davidson members express interest in coming out to help man the tents; we used to have no problems getting volunteers when the Celtic fest at Living history farms was still going on. 
   We've been looking for another event in Central Iowa, now the crowd can start gathering again.

  We signed up for Clan tents for both this and the Quad Cities games in September.
  This is even close enough for the MN Celtic fans. Unfortunately it's the same weekend as the MN Scottish games, but much cheaper.

Gauwyn of Bracknell:
I had responded to David, we are like 2 miles away -we shall be there

Rowan MacD:
  Great, see you there!
   Keep posting entertainment updates as you see them....much appreciated!


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