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New pub at ORenn


Captain Itchy Scratchy:
Just announced earlier today.
Ages 21+, get ready! The Royal Smoker is coming to the all new Dirty Duchess. An hour of bawdy humor, cigars, and ales starting at 5pm. Tickets can be purchased at the Dirty Duchess (located in the rear of the Queen's Pub). $20 ticket includes two beers/ciders, premium cigar, and loads of bawdy fun!

I know where I'll be come 5:00pm  ;D

A new pub?   ;D


Isn't The Queen's Pub over by the Viking's corner?

Captain Itchy Scratchy:
The Queens Pub is on the back wall by the Mud Pit

Jared Thorne:
Interesting that they would have the Royal Smoker at the same time as the Pub Sing.


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