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The last of the great ones hs gone


This time for real.  Christopher Lee has left us. The last time this was announced was some years back and it rattled him so much that he had delve into work head long

R.I.P.  Sir Christopher

Rowan MacD:
  It was sad to hear this.
  He took up the mantle laid down by the great Vincent Price, and did it proud.
  We have no more legendary movie villains, and, for once,  no heir apparent waiting in the wings. 
  Good night, sweet prince.

To repeat a bad quote by BBC last night: 'Fangs for the Memories'
 He was probably the least 'sexy' Dracula who ever played the role-thus he was the most accurate for those of use who have read the original novel by Stoker.  He scared the Bejezzus out of me as a teenager.

Note: his widow said he actually passed on June 7th, but she wanted to inform their family first.  They were married for 54 years and had one daughter. 
  He was a step cousin to the author Ian Fleming (James Bond series) and Uncle to British actress Dame Harriet Walker.

Edit: He was Knighted by QEII in 2009 'for his services to Drama and Charity'.

Capt. William Drake:
Rest in peace good sir, it's time to take your place on the greatest stage in the universe with all the other legends that have ever lived.

God bless.


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