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2015 10th Annual Central Missouri Renaissance Festival


Once Debauched:
The 10th Annual Central Missouri Renaissance Festival

October 17th & 18th
10am to 6pm

$8.00 in advance
$12.00 at the gate

The Central Missouri Renaissance Festival is a small Festival in it's 10th year!! The Festival is held at Boster Castle Fairgrounds, just east of Columbia, MO along I-70. The festival embraces the culture and times of the Renaissance through games, live entertainment, and a thriving marketplace of artisans. The land is host to three stages as well as a grass arena for live steel and blunted weapon fighting. The gates of the Festival are open from 10am to 6pm.
Festival patrons can leave their cares behind and be entertained by musicians, dancers and comedy shows, shop for wonderful arts and crafts, participate in games, and enjoy feasting on exotic food and drink. Cheer for dashing knights as they battle to win their lady's honor. Join the Pirates as they steal the show.

Web: http://www.centralmorenfest.org/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CentralMoRenFest?fref=ts

I'm happy it's in October - better chance for cool weather!
Definitely planning to be there - really excited to see the Musical Blades again!  Huzzah!

I just found out that this festival (2017 season) is going this weekend, 3-4 Jun; next weekend, 10-11 Jun; and in Oct 21-22, 2017.


It's much better at Boster Castle!  I was pleasantly surprised!


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