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David Ketchum:
I've never camped TRF before but my wife and I really want to join this jolly bunch.  My concern is that campers are expected to setup their camp and then leave it abandoned while they enjoy the faire.  This has got me very nervous about leaving my gear unattended.  Is there any other way around this or do you experts have any tips ?  We're not part of any clan but we'll both be dressed to the hilt in pirate garb.

Thanks in advance for your much needed experience and stories.

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I haven't ever had a problem with thievery but have heard of issues. Primarily it is coolers disappearing.  We make sure all of our valuables are locked in our vehicle, alcohol included, when we are in the faire.  Some people will use small locks to lock their tent when they are gone.  Before retiring for the night, we make sure nothing of value is outside the tent (including alcohol).  As you can guess, alcohol is most likely what will disappear when you aren't looking.  If they really want my old camp chairs, they can have them.  I need new ones anyway.... 

Laird Fraser of Lovatt:
I haven't had a problem and nether has anyone in my clan but you DO hear of things that have happened.  Since Terre Albert has come on board, LEO presence has increased greatly.  Some of it depends on where you camp, also...the closer you are to the Bonfire, the closer you are to the element that might make free with your stuff.

The only time someone got too curious for their own good was back in 2011, Opening weekend and we had parked along side of PR.  Laird Nasty and myself were crashed in the front seat of LN's truck.  It was a bit warm that weekend so I had my door propped open with a twig keeping the interior light off.  About 3am I heard two sets of feet walking by on the gravel road, they stopped and whispered for a minute...then very soft footsteps started to come towards my door.  In a very clear voice, I said, "Come any closer and you'll find out how big a hole a .45 makes" as I racked my pistol...those soft footsteps became a loud scramble that faded into the night. ;D

Come over to the TRF threads and join in on the conversations...most of us belong to one clan or another.  We can point you in the right direction...or at least point out a safe place to camp.

Awilda Rider:
I think in 2013, there was an issue with someone going into tents and taking things at TRF. Security patrols regularly day and night, but if they don't act suspicious, it is hard to tell who belongs and who doesn't. The best bit of advice is to keep your valuables locked up in a vehicle or some other safe spot. I personally have never had an issue such as that, however I have lent items to someone in need and not had it returned. Rats come in all shapes and sizes...

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Several years ago, I made the rookie mistakes of 1) renting a generator for my friend's RV, 2) renting a LOUD generator, and 3) leaving it unsecured overnight.  It ran out of gas sometime during the second night, and the next morning it was gone.  And the markup I had to pay back to the rental place for losing their property was...substantial.

As mentioned before, the closer to the bonfire you are, the more prone to shenanigans.  Especially since there are more folks walking around/through your campsite getting to and from the social center.  Camping in the fringe areas seems to alleviate the traffic issue.


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