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RenRats and Thievery

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Just a "suggestion" and not wanting to "suggest" anything offensive or damaging to those little folks who feel they are entitled to whatever they can find/score.

Have a small foam cooler. Have bottled beer and when drinking, save the caps.

Now, this is mainly for the guys, but some gals will have good aim.

Refill those beer bottles with the processed beverage and recap. Place the bottles back in the cooler and make sure you have ice in it, so the thieves will have a "cool and refreshing" drink.

Also, suggest a game camera(s) placed in your camp.

Merlin the Elder:
You bad, Mike! Like real bad!  Great idea!

Here's another suggestion.  Pour some Loki into some small bottles that you don't care about loosing and add some laxative.  Leave a few of those bottles out where they are easily seen during the day while your in Faire and/or at night once you've gone to bed.  That should keep the thief "busy" for awhile in the port a potty and out of other peoples stuff.  Just make sure those bottles are marked and the folks that are with you realize what's going on. 

Husband and I have been camping for a few years now, and we haven't noticed anything missing. All of our truly valuables we usually take into faire ( expensive faire pieces, wallets, etc)

I wouldn't bring anything pricey electronic type out at faire, and if you did double make sure to lock it up.

LE presence has increased, and the kinds of people coming are more trustworthy and will watch out for their neighbors. The RenRats don't seem to be camping near where PR usually camps, and do seem to be getting pushed back.

You'll be fine if you take the same precautions you would if you were staying at , say, a hotel or travelling.

I'm late to this party but I have to agree with most everyone else. I left my cell phone in the tent 3 different weekends last year and no problems. And we always get as close to the bonfire as we can.  8)


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